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Q. What does S.T.O.R.M. stand for ?
Storm is an acronym that represents our proprietary stock picking method:

S can- Stock selection by looking at 49 varying sectors and through a combination of factors choosing from the best 1% or fewer stocks based on volume, price, time, and market sentiment, along with relative criteria.

T rendline Analysis- Identifying new trends, breakouts, and utilizing a look-back period.

O bserve relationship of a stock to the market, and to its sector.

R isk Management- Potential losses are always predetermined so risk can be measured, and the 1% rule is utilized.

M onitor the portfolio- investments are carefully watched by monitoring the portfolio and always having an entry point and exit strategy.
Q. What is the 1% Rule ?
The 1% rule is a risk management tool that helps an investor determine how many shares of a given stock to purchase. It also is a means to limit the loss of any one investment to only 1% of your portfolio amount, so that it would take a great series of loses to have any detrimental effect on your portfolio amount. To get to the number of shares that would limit a loss to this predetermined amount, the investor computes 1% of his or her overall portfolio, and divides the price per share by that amount. The use of this one principal alone, separates you from the crowd and turns, what was once risk- into calculated risk.
Q. What is the Adam’s Advantage ?
The Adam’s Advantage is a proprietary stock picking method that selects the right stock pick at the right time through a combination of fundamental and technical analysis. Based on the stock’s market entry price, a stop-loss price is determined along with a target price.
Q. What is your refund policy ?
Subscriptions can be cancelled at the end of any period. For our "Pay Per Profit" service-If a chosen stock pick hits the stop loss price before our profit taking price, you are refunded for the price you paid for the individual stock pick research ($30). No one can accurately predict the stock market every time, so if your stock picks don’t perform, you don’t pay!
Q. How long do you recommend holding an individual stock ?
Stocks are recommended with a profit-taking price. While an investor may hold a stock as long as he or she chooses, the profit taking price is the recommended time for exiting a position. Some may choose to scale out of a position. This may be done by selling a fraction of your position at the profit taking price and letting the rest ride.
Q. How often is the database updated ?
Our Market Analysis is conducted at the end of the market week at a minimum. Stock selections are dependent on the current strength of the market. During market downturns, there will be less picks compared to a more favorable market conditions. Most of a stocks movement is based on the market and the sectors strength itself. Our analysis is more than just the right pick, but also the right time of the pick.
Q. Is the Money back guarantee available for both the subscription and pay per profit services ?
The money back guarantee is only available for the one time pay per profit service. the subscription service comes with the benefit of a free trail period.
Q. What are the added benefits of the subscription service ?
In addition to the free trail, the subscription service allows you to choose from a wide array of stocks from witch the Pay Per Profit stocks come from. The quantity of stocks selections allows you to diversify your risk over more securities. You will have access to the entire database. The subscription service also provides a free feature that allows you to request an anlysis of any security you currently own or thinking about purchasing. this services is limited to one stock analysis request per week.
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