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At S.T.O.R.M. Research, we go the extra mile to meet the needs of individual investors. That’s why we offer two databases for our subscribers, with two different approaches. Investors are always free to choose the philosophy that fits their own needs.
Why subscribe?
  • Gain financial security.
  • Access to the hottest stock picks at a given time.
  • learn the secrets of the wealthy.
  • Two databases of stock picks with high potential- low risk, to meet your needs.
  • Benefits from varying market conditions through a combination of fundamental and technical analysis.
  • Stocks chosen from a rigorous selection process.
  • Secure your future.
Top-Down Approach
The Top-Down approach begins with an overall market analysis within a given time frame. From there, varying sectors are analyzed to choose which ones are positioned to outperform the market as a whole. Then individual sectors are broken down to discover which stocks within the sector are poised to turn a profit for investors.
Bottom-Up Approach
The Bottom-Up Approach begins at the other end of the spectrum. Stocks are chosen based on the individual merit of the stock within a given time frame. Stocks may be chosen from a poor performing sector, but may be doing well on its own. The stocks in this database may differ or overlap with stocks in the Top-Down Approach database.
1-month subscription: $30         (FREE TRIAL)      6-month subscription: $150 
Pay Per Pick Approach
For those who are just getting started or want to give the system a shot, we make available individual stock picks for a set price.
How it works - For a price per pick of $30, we give you the very best stock pick available at the current time. We tell you when to buy it, and give you two key prices: A recommended profit taking price, and a stop-loss price.
Our guarantee - If the stock pick hits the stop-loss price before the profit taking price, we refund your money automatically.
Why use S.T.O.R.M. Equity Research? We offer solid, realistic stock picks. Unlike competitors, we don’t promise an arbitrary profit percentage that may be unrealistically high or sacrificially low! We give you straight information with a stop-loss price up front as an added benefit to let you know when to get out if necessary, and offer a target price that we believe, through solid research, is the best time to take a profit from the stock.
Pay per Stock Pick: $30  
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